Jake + Molly // Portland, Oregon

Connecting with new friends all over this country & photographing their moments is so beyond incredible, but there’s just something about connecting with old friends in new places that is kind of hard to describe. You get to see them walking through a season of their life you guys spent time dreaming about when you were younger. It’s truly something else seeing lives unfold & I love it so so much. I met Molly Rae in high school through at the time sweet girlfriend of mine, who now happens to be my rad sister-in-law, & we’ve stayed in touch over the years! After marrying her college sweetheart Jake in the San Diego, CA, she started a new adventure with him & moved up to Portland, Oregon!!

When I was spent a few weeks traveling around the PNW, I knew I had to see these two!!! So when Molly & I got to talking, she mentioned her & Jake had just moved into a new apartment & wanted photos of this new season in their home! & of course I was down. In home sessions are honestly my favorite because it’s there’s just something about slowing down, & just being together in the space where you’re making a home. It’s truly an honor to be invited into that intimate space & documenting those moments.

The pouring rain outside the windows that morning made for the coziest home inside. Molly put on some soft jams on the record player, Jake brewed up some delicious coffee, & we spent the afternoon photographing moments in each little corner of their home. This Oregon in home session was one for the books. Love you two! <3

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and then, let’s get connected and document your moments in your own home! <3


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