Gold Creek Pond Engagement Photos || Grace + Jared

Who knew that a profile picture of another couple of mine from another state would lead me to working with these incredible people? Seriously, a tiny little profile picture on instagram led Grace to my instagram and low and behold, here were are, friends + clients of mine!!!!! Within a few email exchanges, we both knew it was meant to be and the connection was there, so Grace + Jared booked me as their photographer!!!!

For their engagement photos, we wanted to get out of the city (as beautiful as Seattle is) to embrace the beautiful outdoors Washington has to offer!!!! Their wedding this summer is going to be in the city so we figured let’s change it up for engagements, why not?!? Within minutes of jumping in their car, we chatted it up and became bffs as we drove out to Gold Creek Pond, a little gem tucked away in the Cascades Mountains. Can you believe it’s only a 40 minute drive from the city?! (this is why I moved here!) We ran around, embraced the fall colors, laughed a ton, and watched the sunset reflect the most beautiful light on the surrounding mountains + pond we were beside. After the best shoot, we grabbed burgers + beers and then reallly became bffs 😉 but seriously, these two are my people and I’m SO beyond thankful to call them my clients!!!!! I can’t wait for their wedding this August right here in Seattle, Washington!!!!

OKAY ALSO, as if it could get any better, Grace is the cutest human ever (we share a bond over puppies and plant shops) and has her own lifestyle blog!!!! She’s been sharing updates about life + wedding planning and included how they chose me as their wedding photographer! Brb crying. Read it here!

Tiny Cup Of Cake, A Seattle Lifestyle Blog

how we chose our wedding photographer // “The way that we found our photographer, Alyssa Brooke, is actually so random!! One of my Instagram followers liked a photo of mine and I creepily stalked her profile after noticing her avatar photo. It was this gorgeous engagement photo and I really wanted to see more! I wasn’t even thinking that the photographer would be local, I just really wanted to see the pretty photos, but when I found Alyssa recently relocated to Seattle my jaw dropped. I had to leave for a happy hour with a girlfriend shortly after but I immediately wrote an email to Alyssa and said a little prayer. (Yes, really.)

Later that night I got the most excited, happy email from Alyssa saying that she was available for our wedding date and ohhhhhhh my gosh. It was the best feeling. Jared and I just felt so genuinely excited that she was available and we just had so much fun looking through all her photos and reading her captions. Y’all..not every photographer has to share their raw self online. No one does. But wow, it does make a difference to potential clients when you do. And that has been one lesson that I’m trying to learn each day as someone who blogs their life. I know I could be more raw online and each time I’m scared to, I think about the process that got me to ultimately book Alyssa. We LOVE how easy she is to work with and she is incredibly professional while being personable.”

I seriously cannot wait for their wedding!!!! in the meantime, scroll through these photos + some dreamy fall inspiration out in the mountains!!!!! xo Alyssa

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