Garrett + Carli
I don’t really have the words to share about this intimate elopement. It was one that changed the direction, course + depth of my business, and honestly my life. These two are something else and it was the greatest honor to serve them as they said I do. Even though I may not have the words, my sweet bride Carli does. She’s an incredibly talented writer and wrote about the day from her perspective and it far outweighs what I could ever try to write.  Why read about it when you could read from it. -Lyss


“Garrett and I met in 2011 right before I moved 500 miles north to attend college. During the following two years, we spent many hours on the road together going to and from school, him moving me in or moving me out — and we always stopped in Big Sur. It became a quick tradition and a beautifully scenic way to break up our drive.

Nearly eight years later, we were married at a hidden garden right next to our favorite pit stop (Big Sur Taphouse!). Loma Vista Gardens is right off Highway 1 and greets you as soon as you weave your way into the village.

We were sold.

The gardens are lit up with a fairtytale feel, hovering above a dreamy lot of land that harbors an endless array of options when it comes to: where will we put the chairs? Thankfully we only had eleven.

Yes, eleven chairs. Eleven champagne glasses. Eleven guests. And not a thing else to do but seep ourselves into the surroundings as we vowed ourselves to one another for forever. I wouldn’t have altered it for the world.

We were officiated by Big Sur’s Soaring Starkey, who, wow, just brought so much light and lifting spirit to our day as she blessed our rings to the high universe and to the low grounds beneath our feet. She blessed our hearts as one and our minds as team members for life.

After an intimate champagne cheers, we wondered down the moutain a bit to a coastal cliffside turnout to capture our portraits.

This was one of the best moments of my life.

My groom and I gathered energy from the ocean and inhaled the depths of sky that surrounded us. Just being there, at the cliff of it all, was a true gift and an everlasting reminder of the love we’ve built and the union we created on our day, 12/15/18. ”
–Carli Mee



Venue: Loma Vista Gardens (
Officiant: Soaring Starkey (
Flowers: Bewilder Floral (
Rentals: Alexis Party Rentals (


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