let's adventure together

Traveling to me isn’t just a hobby. It’s something my soul craves, to jump on a plane or hop in the car, explore this crazy beautiful world that holds more wonders than I could ever imagine. Nothing beats experiencing the unknown and meeting rad souls along the way. (and if you ask any of my friends where I am, and they’ll probably say “I’m not sure, but probably at the airport” and they’re probably right.)

Mix that with connecting with incredible people and photographing their love stories…. my heart is full and my soul is on fire. It’s humbling and tear jerking, to get to serve people around the world doing something I absolutely love and know I was created for.

Below are the places I’m heading this year and if you want to connect with me and photograph your rad adventure and sweet love in one of these places, my travel fees are waived! If you want me to add your adventure to my list, let’s get to chattin!

2018 Travels
because adventure exists anywhere you create it


January 7-12 // NORTH CASCADES, WA

January 12-17 // SEATTLE, WA

January 17-20 // PORTLAND, OR

February 10-11 // BIG BEAR, CA


March 8-13 // SEATTLE, WA

March 16-21 // PHOENIX, AZ

March 22-25 // SANTA BARBARA, CA

May 11-12 // JOSHUA TREE, CA

May 13-15 // NEW YORK CITY, NY

July 5-9 // NASHVILLE, TN

July 13-16 // PORTLAND, OR

July 17-19 // SEATTLE, WA

August 1-15 // SEATTLE, WA

August 23-26 // HAYWARD, WI

August 26-28 // MINNEAPOLIS, MN

September 20-22 // SEATTLE, WA

September 23-26 // DENVER, CO

September 30- October 2 // YOSEMITE, CA

October 13-16th // MAMMOTH LAKES, CA

November 2-5 // FRESNO, CA

December 12-13 // BIG SUR, CA