Urban Seattle Engagement Photos

May 19, 2020

The steps where their love story began made for the dreamiest most memorable location for Nick and Haley’s urban seattle engagement photos.

In my couples words // WHY LOCATION MATTERS

Nick and I asked one of our best friends (and incredible photographer) @alyssabrookephoto to take our engagement photos. The location of where we should shoot stumped me. There are so many places around Seattle that are breathtakingly beautiful- but none of the jaw dropping lookouts or scenic mountain view backdrops felt like us.
I wanted something that showed a part of our story and who we are. Immediately it dawned on me- Church Home in U-District, where Nick and I met.

I couldn’t be happier with our photos and the memories that come flooding back. We’d often chat with each other and chat with our friends on these same steps after Tuesday night group. This space helped us grow as individuals and grow together. This is where Nick came back to his faith and grew as a leader. It’s where I committed to giving control of my life and relationships to God.

When I look at our gallery I can confidently say is this location is better than all of the lookouts and mountains combined. This space that brought us together.

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