When your best friend is saying I do, the first thing you do is jump on a flight to photograph their breathtaking Kauai elopement at Tunnels Beach. The moment Kelly told me they were heading to Kauai, Hawaii, I knew their elopement would to be special. They followed her parent’s tradition by kicking tradition out the window. Why not head to their favorite place for private vows?

We started at the parking lot and met their officiant at the beach! Then, he performed a beautiful ceremony filled with honor and hawaiian culture. It was so incredible with the perfect backdrop! After their vows + a few portraits, Kelly and Alex changed into their bathing suits and we went for a little swim. The only request from Kelly for this day! Afterwards, we headed to a little hold in the wall bar for bottomless mai thais + local music. We’ll keep those pictures for our own memories 😉

Why Kauai is so special to me

Kauai, Hawaii holds such a special place in my heart as it’s where my Aunt and Uncle eloped 20 years ago. It’s also where my husband and I had our honeymoon and come every year for our anniversary. Tunnels beach don’t just hold beautiful views, but meaningful memories. My husband and I dream about moving here. Sometimes we throw around the idea of me spending every day being a kauai elopement photographer! To be able to serve my best friend by documenting their day here at this beach was truly was so sweet.

Some Advice from the Bride about their Kauai Elopement at tunnels Beach

If you’re thinking about eloping, take the advice from my girl regarding a their stunning kauai elopement, “Don’t sleep on your photographer…they are arguably the most important part of your special moments. 🖤 Love ya so much Lyss” Check out moments from their evening below!!

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