traveling wedding & elopement photographer
based in seattle, wa
I'm stoked you're here!
you and your babe DESERVE to be seen & to have photographs that feel like you.
You’re about to marry the love of your life and you deserve nothing but the best. You need someone who isn’t going to just show up to your wedding, snap some photos, and call it a day. Someone who TRULY CARES about who you are, as a couple, as individuals & just as human beings. and that’s where I come in.

filler text and space. don’t delete.

filler text and space. don’t delete.

hey, it's me Alyssa!
and my job is literally all about you

These are your warm, honest, and authentic moments, so I'm here to do my absolute dang best job to capture them for you. because deep down I know it's what I was created to do: meet you where you're at and serve you how I can.

Whether we are hiking in the redwood forest, roaming through the city where you fell in love, or chasing that last light from the sunset, let's adventure together and document it all. So that one day, when your great grandchildren are flipping through your dusty old photographs, they see you and the legacy of deep love runs in their blood.

some recent favs

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