I'm Alyssa!

aka professional third wheel, adventurer seeker & taco lover

Currently living my best life up in Seattle, Washington!!! I feel most at home and inspired when I'm surrounded by the mountains and nature, so I traded in the San Diego sunshine and beaches and for some rain and the mountains!!! and it's the best thing I've ever done for myself (second to following Jesus). A few of my fav things: eating all the tacos, being in community with people , worshipping Jesus, naming my plants (my room is practically a jungle), pushing people towards their dreams (need a mentor? hi hmu), breathing in that fresh mountain air, traveling all over the world (catch me on at least 3 flights a month not kidding.) and of course, connecting with rad human beings and their photographing their love stories.

filler text and space. don’t delete.

filler text and space. don’t delete.

I believe we were made for connection
& that deep within all of us are things that make us feel fully us & fully alive.

My heart is to sit with you, and get to know who you are and the entirety of your love story. I want to know what makes you laugh & hold each other’s hands tighter, who the people are that raised you, who those friends are that will be sticking around through the rest of your life. Why? So I can photograph all of it, and do it well. It’s in those moments of when you’re fully yourself for me to capture. I want you to truly see yourself in your photographs. Not just say hey thats us, but wow, THIS IS US. I want to meet you where you’re at, get to know your story, and serve you in the midst of it. I also want to have a rad time doing it!!! So if you’re down for a lot of fun, laughter, adventure & quite possibly some tacos & a 6 pack of coronas, let’s connect. I’m here for you babes 100% if you’ll have me.

let’s eat some tacos. adventure around. photograph your love story & have a rad time doing it. you in?

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