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"to pay attention, this is our endless and proper work"

- mary oliver

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I'm Alyssa, a west coast based destination wedding and portrait photographer. I'm currently living in Seattle, WA and enjoying every single minute. Some things I love: worshipping Jesus, thai food takeout, house plants, anything in the color burnt orange, and people watching at the airport. I feel most home on long drives through the mountain roads listening to Ben Howard and you can usually spot me from across the room because of my hats.

I love people through and through and I want to create space for you to be fully and authentically you. So let be friends + get to know each other. So when you're flipping through photographs years down the road, who you are is at the center and the joy of your life or season you're in shines through. These moments pass by so quick so having these visual memories that tell your story and remember these adventures are worth more than gold.

filler text and space. don’t delete.

filler text and space. don’t delete.

My heart is to sit with you, and get to know who you are and the entirety of your love story. I want to know what makes you laugh & hold each other’s hands tighter, who the people are that raised you, who those friends are that will be sticking around through the rest of your life. Why? So I can photograph all of it, and do it well. It’s in those moments of when you’re fully yourself for me to capture. I want you to truly see yourself in your photographs. Not just say hey thats us, but wow, THIS IS US. I want to meet you where you’re at, get to know your story, and serve you in the midst of it. I’m here for you babes 100% if you’ll have me.

"Wow. What a beautiful experience we had with Alyssa. Not only was she a dream to work with, seamlessly organized, creative, and an absolute artist, but she built for us an unforgettable experience where my husband and I were able to be vulnerable, close, and connected in the beautiful space we chose to marry while she captured our day with utter grace. I know the love I carry for my husband and the love we carry for our families and Alyssa nailed it, shot it, captured it, and allowed us to take and keep those feelings and moments with us for a life time. I cannot thank her enough. She is a beautiful addition to a wedding. All our love to Alyssa."

Garrett + Carly Mee

so what do you say? are you in?

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